The 3 A’s of Business Intelligence

June 24, 2006




and then repeat.

The faster a company, or a government, can perform these tasks when it comes to sorting through their data files, the more effective they become. The challenge of today and the forseeable future, is learning how to sort, sift, mine, and organize petabytes of raw data to find the answers to our questions. It's almost never a case of "does an answer exist", but more often one of "how do I find it" – that's what this blog is dedicated to.

The more traditional trinity of business intelligence paradigms is organize, process and analyze (which has a military intelligence pedigree to it), however I came to appreciate the 3 A's after hearing about a very non-BI event – the death of Al Qaeda terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarkawi by American and British special forces. According to a story in The Army Times, the strategy adopted by these elite teams was to acquire intelligence, quickly analyze it and then immediately act on it. Delta Force team members, who implemented the strategy, call it "the unblinking eye".

If you can lift this strategy out of the battlefield and apply it to business intelligence and corporate performance management instead, then I'm certain you'll see an increase in the efficient and effective use of your data resources.


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